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Erin’s Hope for Friends Announces February 7 Open House and February 19 Grand Opening of e’s Club

January 19, 2016 –  In an effort to fill a void in the lives of high school aged young adults (ages 14 – senior in high school) on the High Functioning Autism Spectrum (HFAS), Erin’s Hope for Friends is pleased to announce the grand opening of our first e’s club. E’s club will be a safe and fun place for these kids to meet, establish friendships and hang out. The Horst family, founders of Erin’s Hope, identified an unmet need in the lives of HFAS teens through their own experience with their youngest daughter Erin who passed away at the age of 17 in January of 2014. Erin was on the HFAS, and experienced peer challenges as she tried to “fit in” and make friends. Like many kids on the spectrum, Erin experienced isolation, was bullied, and her self-confidence and self-esteem suffered. She felt quite isolated and, at times hopeless, because of the challenges of making friends and having typical relationships. Despite these challenges, Erin was an advocate for others like her, and those who could not advocate for themselves. Erin’s generous and loving spirit will be honored and live on through the activities of Erin’s Hope, and more specifically e’s club.

What is e’s club?

  • It is the only center of its kind in Atlanta focused on facilitating positive social interactions and developing friendships for teenagers with HFAS.
  • It features an open and inviting space to hang out and make meaningful connections and lasting friendships.
  • It is fun and Interactive with foosball, billiards, ping-pong tables, board games, playing cards, and Xbox gaming consoles for two or more players all to help entertain and encourage interaction.
  • It has a calendar of events that are posted on our Facebook page and website.
  • It has an organized activity schedule with music, karate, art, movies, games, improv, cooking classes, pet therapy and much more.
  • It provides regular social outings that are planned around the specific interests of the group. Social outings are scheduled for sports events, concerts, and outdoor activities such as hiking.
  • It provides activity-based gatherings, such as themed events or activities.
  • It always has supervisory staff on hand to provide oversight and encourage positive engagement.
  • It has a nominal participation fee. Weekly participation is free; however, there is a recommended donation of $10 to defray costs and prior signup is required.

We invite all interested parties, especially those with high school aged kids (age 14 – senior in high school) on the HFAS to attend our open house on Sunday February 7 from 12 PM to 4 PM at e’s club, 11940 Alpharetta Highway Suite 110. Tour the facility, participate in activities, and learn more about Erin’s Hope and e’s club! For more information contact Rachel Hanthorn-Kolis at or call at 404-660-2853. Visit our website at and like us on Facebook!

Erin’s Hope for Friends is an established, faith based 501(c)3 whose vision is to create lasting relationships through joyful interactions for high functioning autism spectrum (HFAS) teens and young adults. The EHFF board of directors is comprised of 10 board members who bring more than a combine 175 years of experience in business, marketing, accounting, fundraising, non-profit management, therapy services, and education. EHFF also has a Mental Health Advisory board made up of 3 medical professionals. Learn more at

Erin’s Hope for Friends

Rachel Hanthorn-Kolis
Executive Director
11940 Alpharetta Hwy, Suite #110
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